Europlast has in 45 years of techno polymer injection moulding activity, gained an extensive experience in various industrial sectors:

  • AUTOMOTIVE: dashboards, fascias, buttons, running boards, switch bezels and other parts and plastic elements 
  • HOME-GOODS: food containers of various nature and shape, glasses, trays, cutlery, etc.
  • SPORTS ARTICLES:  components for children’s and adults bicycles, etc.
  • HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES: components for refrigerators, solenoid water pumps, etc.
  • INDUSTRIAL CLEANING: floor washers, high pressure washers, etc.
  • HEATING: components for hot air generators, etc.
  • ELECTROMECHANICS: Spools for bobbins, insert moulding, etc.
  • ELECTRONICS: Containers and protection for electrical components, etc.
  • FURNISHINGS: furniture components of various kind, chairs, lamps, etc.
  • ARTICLES AND ACCESSORIES FOR ANIMALS: satellite trackers, etc.
  • MARINE: safety components, etc.