Conception and design

Europlast works alongside the customer during all stages of the project. If the customer does not have a drawing or a sample specimen, the technical department, using three-dimensional software, designs the component according to the customer’s specifications, suggesting materials, equipment and process solutions best suited to his/her needs, so that optimum product quality can be achieved. Thereafter, we proceed with the preparation of the technical drawings which will allow us to carry out the filling analysis.


The Mould Flow analysis consists of the three-dimensional simulation of the injection phase. Mathematical models are used to study the fill points of the raw material, in order to identify the areas where problems could arise, the time needed to complete the injection phase, the cooling time and other useful information so that the subsequent phases are reached with the outmost possible guarantees.


If the project so requires, Europlast can provide prototypes made with additive technologies or create pilot moulds or economic moulds created for the production of low volumes before making the final mould.


The characteristics which the finished product must have and the control procedures which will be carried out during the moulding are defined during the design phase.