Europlast offers several services to meet the customer’s requests, once the moulding phase has been completed.


Pad printing

The company is equipped with pad printing facilities that can be used to produce four-colour images. We have an area dedicated to this process where the moulded item is completed with the pad printing of the image, the writing or the logo that the customer has requested.


Screen printing

Another finish that Europlast can provide is screen printing. It allows us to reproduce texts, logos, and images in accordance with customer specifications.



Europlast creates assemblies by putting together plastic parts which on the inside are made of mechanical components. This process can be done on the moulding machine during the moulding cycle or subsequently.



Once the item has been produced, Europlast packages it. The packaging may be property of the customer or of the company and may range from loosely positioning the items inside boxes to neatly placing them on pre-formed trays in order to safeguard the aesthetics thereof.



Europlast has dedicated areas for the storage of moulded components in order to meet any customer needs regarding stock, in accordance with agreed terms.